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When I discovered the below message in one of my inspirational quote apps, I had an instant liking and needed to share.

The message is simple, but do we really follow such simple advice? Many people think about eating and exercising well, but they often forget to exercise their minds, emotions and spirituality.

What are you watching?

What you watch, be it on TV, the internet, social media etc. can have a profound effect on your mood and your personal development (PD).

Try swapping your regular TV shows for documentaries, lifestyle programs, or quiz shows. You never know what you will discover or learn. The local news can often be full of doom and gloom stories. Try watching fun news which focuses on happy uplifting stories, or better still try to avoid local news altogether.

Some great things to watch on the internet are Ted Talks and Video blogs. If you are interested in learning try watching, educational webinars, or instructional videos. LinkedIn Learning and Youtube have a plethora of instructional videos to learn just about anything.

However you can not go past a good comedy movie that makes you laugh. Laughter is good for your mood and your emotional state.

What are you Listening to?

Very much like watching, listening can also have a profound effect on your mood and your PD. A song that always puts me in a great mood is Dolly Parton’s song “Applejack”, the song is upbeat and happy.

For something more educational, try listening to audio books or some podcasts for inspiring digital media stories. Apart from digital media, listening to the right people is also a very useful. Find people who you admire and listen to what they have to say. Surround yourself with positive speaking people. Avoid people who are negative, be it gossip or someone who always gives you bad news.

Sometimes those people can be close to us, be it a parent, friend or manager at work. The key is to avoid those people as much as possible. If you cannot cute them out of your life or move on if the working environment is always in a negative state. You do not have to listen to negativity it serves no purpose and will shatter your confidence.

What are you Reading?

Reading is a very powerful tool for your PD. Reading increases your knowledge, reading can be far more powerful than watching or listening as it can help you with your pronunciation, grammar, spelling and how to use those big words. Of course, what you are reading is equally important but as I have learnt from teaching my young son to read, you can learn a lot from reading children’s books, (for example, the English language is so freakin hard).

Some advice I was once given was to find one word from the dictionary you don’t know, learn the meaning and use it in a sentence sometime in your week. I had an old boss who used to come up with a word I had never heard of at every weekly managers meeting. I later discovered he used this technique, it gave the impression he was very intelligent.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Find topics that interest you and that you know nothing about, you may be surprised by what you discover when reading.

Who do you hang out with?

I know from experience that the people that you surround yourself with is a direct reflection on how you life is at that given moment. If you want good things in your life hang out with good people. If you want wealth in your life hang out with wealthy people, if you want calm and serenity hang out with calm, serene people so on and so forth… a no brainer.

If you do not like your current situation take a look at who you are hanging out with, your answer lies within these people.

What do you subject you mind and soul to?

Happy people make people happy, a favourite saying that I think of constantly. Have you ever been to Disneyland? It is called the happiness place on earth because you just can’t be sad there.

Your mind and soul work best in the positive state, joyfulness, happiness, friendliness, kindness, smiling and laughter. Subjecting your mind to positive thinking and you get more positivity in your life.

The law of attraction states that what happens to you is a direct result of what you attract. If you think negative thoughts, bad stuff seems to happen to you. You can’t always get what you want, so stop asking. Instead subject your mind and soul to positive thoughts.

Try this example- Before you get out of bed each morning say to yourself “Today is going to be the best day I have ever had”, have a big stretch and leap out of bed. Try not to go back to sleep, just get up and embrace the day. During the day if you come across any negativity just smile, and brush it off. I often say “no negativity is going to surround me today”.

You can choose to be negative or change your mindset and be happy, we all have that choice. I choose positivity!

Are you being mindful of what goes into your body?

There are many things bad going into our bodies everyday which are out of our control, for example air pollution. We can reduce the bad things by removing ourselves from the situation.

However, what you can control but often don’t can cause ever more harm. For example, sugar, alcohol, smoking, drugs, processed foods, and fatty foods. Over the past three months I have reduced my sugar intake by 80%, sugar is in everything so hard to avoid completely.

I dropped all foods that have obvious sugar such as chocolate, lollies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, cakes etc.

Image by marijana1 from Pixabay

I dropped all processed meats, salamis, ham, bacon etc. I reduced take away to one day a week and dropped bread, pasta and potatoes. I have not had a drink in almost two years so that was a no brainer.

I increased my water, fruit, vegetables and nut intake. In just under three months I have lost a huge amount of body fat, weigh less on the scales, my skin is clear and glowing and best of all my digestive system is working like clockwork.

Having a good diet makes the world of difference to your body both inside out, emotionally and spiritually. You can think clearer, sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed and have more confidence.

Personal development is a combination of everything you put into your body, mind and soul.

Be the Best Version of Yourself!

Marc Matthews-Indovino

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Fatal Online Interview Mistakes.

If you are like many people trying to find a job at the moment, you will understand it is not easy. You have the perfect resume, perfect cover letter and have found your ideal job ad. Now all that stands in the way of you and getting that job is the first interview.

Traditionally you would dress up real nice and attend a face to face interview, but in our current environment, interviews online are becoming the everyday, practice of many organisations. There is debate as to whether online interviews are the best way to hire someone. However, it is agreed they are a better indicator than a phone call. Regardless of the debate they take the same amount of time yet can be more efficient and economical. Therefore, it makes sense for an organisation to use online interviewing to shortlist candidates.

Online interviews can be fatal if you are not prepared and many people are failing these interviews because of a few simple mistakes.

Below are five fatal mistakes people are making in online interviews:

  1. People have become comfortable working at home, that they have forgotten that an online interview is the same as a face to face interview. Therefore, it is essential to dress the part, and not just half dress. If the attire for the job is a suit. Then wear a full suit, including the shoes to the online interview. Even if the they can’t see your full dress you will be more confident if you are in pants than PJ bottoms.
Image by imperioame from Pixabay

2. Make sure there are NO distractions. Working from home has been a challenge for a lot of us, with kids, pets and other distractions bombarding our meetings, most managers are forgiving. However, this is not the case during an interview. You would never bring your cat or children to a face to face interview, so please do not let your cat walk across the screen in the middle of your interview or have your children screaming in the background. When you accept an online interview, find a place free of distractions.

3. Know what’s on your resume. A useful handy tip is to tape your resume up on the wall behind your screen. Therefore, when prompted you can refer to it if asked a question. Resumes can be very impressive, but if you don’t know what’s on it that can be a fatal mistake.

Image by Oli Lynch from Pixabay

4. Ensure your technology is working correctly, and that you are familiar with the technology. A excellent way to impress the person interviewing you is to know your way around the online meeting platform. Many companies these days want you to conduct or be involved in meetings online. This a perfect way to see if you know your way around online meeting platforms such as Zoom and test out your computer skills.

5. Make sure you are well lit, and your face is centered. Sitting in a dark room or with the sun behind you is a bad idea and can cast you into darkness. Sit up straight and if possible look into the webcam. If you are sitting too high or low, you risk having parts of your face cut off. Check all of these things prior to starting the interview, preferably the day before.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

All of these mistakes are avoidable as long as you do a little groundwork before your interview. We can’t always rely on a good internet connection and if you do have poor internet, try to arrange the interview somewhere with a better internet connection or use hotspot on your phone.

Fixing these fatal mistakes before they arise will make you look more professional and less distracting for the interviewer. All you need now is to impress and get that job. GO FOR IT.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

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Marc Matthews-Indovino

Need Motivation to Change?

In Victoria Australia we have been in lockdown for what seems like a lifetime, going into our third month since the second wave hit. Being stuck at home for both work, exercise and personal can really take its toll on your motivation to exercise. The gym has been closed since March, which means I have not been able to do the one thing I love the most, and that is lift weights.

Image by Queven from Pixabay

During the first few months of this year, I too lost my motivation to exercise, I tried really hard, but there is only so much I can do without weights or gym equipment to keep me inspired.

The lack of motivation, coupled with lockdown lead me down a path of despair and lack of self-respect. My nutrition took a nosedive and I was eating more calories and drinking lots of energy drinks. My job had also changed, and I found myself sitting at my desk for extended periods of time than I did when I worked at the office. Before I knew it, I had put on a stack of FAT.

Image by aldemetal from Pixabay

On top of all of this, I found out my Triglycerides levels were very high. I had lost touch with the athletic, fitness guy many of my friends have come to know me for. This was a pinnacle moment for me, and I had a choice to make. I could continue down that same path and end up with a heart attack, diabetes, or a stoke or I could make the change NOW.

I choose the latter and after examining myself in the mirror, naked, πŸ˜‰. I found the motivation I needed to make a change. I absolutely appreciate that it may not be that easy for you. However, the only way to find the motivation to achieve your goals is to want it badly enough you will sacrifice anything to achieve it.

Here is what I did. Firstly, I made some new goals.

My new goals are:

  1. Drop weight (fat) my goal weight 86kgs
  2. Reduce my Triglycerides levels to safe levels
  3. Get my six-pack back, only see my two-pack now ☹

Next, I made a list of all the things I needed to do to achieve my goal, this is where the sacrifices come in. As I am a Personal Trainer, I know a thing or two about getting a six-pack. However, I researched the internet for tips and information on Triglycerides levels see https://www.mayoclinic.org/.

What I discovered was that I needed to drastically change my nutrition and fast. Here is my list of what I loved eating but gave up ❎:

❎ Energy drinks, Sweets, Chips, Processed Meats (Salami, Bacon, Ham and Prosciutto).

Here is what I replaced:

βœ… Bread to Mission wraps (2 meals a week)

βœ…Chips & Sweets- Nuts

βœ… Pasta and Potatoes reduce to half potions and only 2 meals per week

βœ… Energy Drinks- Black coffee or Pre-Workout

On top of all of this, I have increased my consumption of fruits, vegetables as and water.

Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay

The sacrifices are working, and I see a dramatic difference visually, on the scales and through measurements. Although there is a drawback, I am hungry all the time, I am drinking more water and snacking on nuts to overcome the hunger pains. If it gets too hard and often it does, I have a cheat meal and DO NOT regret it or fall off the wagon. Particularly important to know because, changing your bad eating habits is hard, and reducing your calories is even more challenging.  But what is better staying the same as you are now or becoming an even BETTER VERSION of YOURSELF?

I know what I want, and I am going after it. If you need added motivation here are a few websites I find inspiring and my go-to for all things exercise, and nutrition




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Be the Best Physically

Marc Matthews-Indovino

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