365 Personal Development Tips 29-39

Tip #29 – Don’t Swear

Need I say more. I understand why people have the need to swear. However, swearing is a choice, and the better option is not to swear. There is no need for it; it makes you look cheap and smutty. As a leader or manager, you are not setting a good example. Set a good example and choose to create a culture of respect for others and do not tolerate swearing.

Tip #30 – Don’t Take it Personally

One of the fundamental tools to have in your emotional toolkit is resilience. We often hear in business terms such as “Its not personal it is only business “or “Try not to take things personally”. I know from experience that this is not as easy as it sounds. However, as I have been searching for a new opportunity, I have learnt not to take rejection personally. Instead, I have used rejection as a strength and a lesson to learn and grow and get better for the next interview.

You see, a rejection is not a personal attack on you. This was put into context by a job I just missed out on recently. The hiring manager told me there were over 140 applicants, and they have to narrow it down to the top 10, which I was in the top 5. She said I would be perfect for the job, and the decision was tough, but in the end, they only had 1 job.

For the first time ever, I walked away from the rejection with a sense of pride as I knew I did my best. The best part was I had not worked in a role like this before, so to be in the top 5 to me was impressive.

A recruitment agent said to me that getting a new job is a numbers game and to keep trying, keep applying and with each unsuccessful attempt, you will get better at the interview process and eventually land the job that is right for you.

Tip #31 – Eat Clean

I have mentioned this a few times in my previous post but thought it a perfect one to share as a Tip, because of the benefits of eating clean. I have discovered lately that not all healthy food tastes bland. I gave up all processed food to see how clean I could eat for the next three months. Therefore I can only eat raw foods, such as Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Eggs, Coffee and Water. I use lemon, salt, olive oil and Turmeric to season my foods. The benefits so far have been incredible- Fat is melting away, my digestive system is clean, and I feel awesome.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Tip #32 – Buy the Best Suit you can Afford

My first suit was a $100 suit from a cheap clothes store, and when I look back, I cringe at how bad that suit was. But hey, it was all I could afford at the time, and it served its purpose. However, it made me look cheap. After admiring my mentors, I noticed one thing that they all had in common. The suits they wore looked great, and they looked professional in them. I discovered that the more expensive a suit is, the better it will fit you and look on you and the more confidence you will feel.

My next suit was $400 and fitted much better and looked great. I then upgraded to $600 and then an $800 suit. Suits in this price range look amazing and feel really great to wear. Of course, I could only afford the last suit as my wage had increased, But money well spent.

Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay

Tip #33 – Be Persistent

Don’t give in to laziness or disappointment. Keep moving toward your goal as consistently as possible. If you set your mind on achieving your objectives every day, this attitude will become part of your personality. Preserve in everything you do. Remember that practice makes perfection, and perfection makes you the expert. One of my motivations for writing this blog is learning to touch type. Writing the blog takes extra time to type without looking at the keyboard and typing with accuracy. I want to touch type over 60 words per minute (WPM). Currently, I am at 33 wpm with 100% accuracy. All I need now is to learn to spell, LOL.

Tip #34 – Take Full Responsibility for your Actions

Do not blame other people when you make an error, own up and own the mistake. You must always take full responsibility for your actions. Do not blame others for your bad situation. You are responsible for how your life is, blaming others is not the best way to overcome it.

Tip #35 – Be Proud of Who you Are

No matter your size, shape, colour, race, or sex, you should always be proud of who you are and where you have come from. Never let anyone tell you, you are not good enough, smart enough or anything negative. We all have had some type of struggles in life, and maybe some of you still do. However, these struggles only make you stronger, so embrace the hard times and find your strength to carry on. You are so worth it.

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

Tip #36 – Acknowledge

When someone does something for you or someone at work does a good job, make sure you notice and acknowledge them. Do not let the opportunity to praise or thank someone go by.

Tip #37 – Never Humiliate Anyone

No matter the situation, never humiliate someone. If a person or child has made an error keep your cool, and when given a chance, quietly and in private, have a chat and help them if needed. If you humiliate someone, they will hold a grudge against you.

Tip #38 – Be a Good Example

People watch what you do more than they listen to what you say, Be someone worth emulating. Do not ever think that a job is beyond or above you. If you expect someone to do a task, make sure you are also willing to do it. There is usually only one job I won’t do, and that is clean up vomit. Therefore I would not expect anyone else to either. I have always given people an opportunity when they have gone over and above their core duties. Be that person, and many options will open up for you as well

Tip # 39 – Be Vulnerable

Be willing to share your failures as well as your successes. Others will relate to you. They will understand that they are not the only ones with challenges. Do not be afraid to ask questions even if you think they are silly and that you should know the answer. It is always good to clarify. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Author: Marc Matthews-Indovino

I am an Entrepreneur, Life coach, Business Developer and a Health and Fitness Trainer, specialising in Personal Development. I have extensive knowledge, skills and experience in managing and coaching people, sales and development, leadership, communication, culture change, public speaking, customer service, health and fitness training. Furthermore, I help others to become better versions of themselves through many various factors of their lives. I have extensive training and qualifications in Fitness, Life coaching, Wealth Creation, Presentation skills, Fashion and Writing. I am exceptionally well organised, well groomed and approachable. I have a positive attitude. I am hardworking, friendly, and healthy with impeccable organisation and time management skills. I love working with people to help them achieve greatness and find the best versions of themselves.

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