How healthy is your refrigerator?

If you are serious about personally developing yourself, you need to consider three important things.

1. How you look on the outside

2. How you feel on the inside

3. How much energy you have during the day or night

The health of your refrigerator can be a direct reflection on all things of these factors, body, mind, and soul. Your refrigerator can tell a story just by what you have in the refrigerator and is a reflection on your nutrition and consequently your overall health and well-being.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people in the world who are tired of being overweight and exhausted all the time, then it is time you looked at what you are eating and in particular what is inside your refrigerator. We will get to the pantry another time. Usually, the food inside your refrigerator makes up a large percentage of your daily diet, or at least it should. We want our food to be fresh, and fresh food should not last very long.

I am not a nutritionist or dietitian, but I do have common sense and have studied and eaten enough good and bad foods to know what healthy eating is and what is not. I think most people also know the difference between the two. We know what we should and should not be eating, but do we care or is there a deeper issue we have not addressed yet or a medical condition that is hindering your weight loss.

If it is the latter, then it is time for you to engage the expertise of a doctor, a nutritionist, or a dietitian. If you identify that you have a deeper issue with food. Your doctor can refer you to an expert for help.

If you do not have psychological or a medical condition, then you have no excuses why you cannot eat better. Firstly, we need to talk about diets. I have tried and tested all of the fad diets of the past thirty years and I can tell you they are just that fad diets. Food fads come and go and are they are designed to start and finish within a specified time-frame. We need to stop going on and off these diets and start a nutritional plan. A nutritional plan is a something you start, but never finish. Creating a plan will help your mind to focus on achieving the goal of eating well for life, not just for a certain amount of time.

The plan could take years to perfect, so get started today.

Start by opening your refrigerator and take a photo, then analyse it deeply.

There should be a balance of at least 90% fresh raw foods and 10% of others.

Fresh raw foods are- fruit, vegetables, raw meats, eggs, seeds, grains, spices and nuts.

My good friend Scott Brodie (Club General Manager @ Genesis Health and fitness Morayfield, Sunshine coast) told me that I should only eat foods that are alive such as animals and eggs or have been grow,n such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, and nuts. It would be best if you never ate anything that has been processed. It would help if you also watched what you are drinking, such as water, coffee, and tea. Milk is a debatable topic, and I will leave that one alone.

Scott’s philosophy is right, and we all know this is true, however, sticking to only these can be very hard especially, if you have been eating unhealthy foods for many years. It is so vital that to make changes, you do so slowly and keep a 10% barrier of bad food that you can gradually eliminate.

10 % could include butter, condiments, sauces, dairy- cheese, yogurt, juice, dark chocolate.

However, most people have 10% or more of the terrible foods such as Alcohol, soft drinks, sweets, savouries, lollies, chocolate (dark is ok), dips, cold meats, biscuits, and processed foods.

Now you have analysed your fridge it is time to take some action. Most people I know will eat the wrong food and start at their next shopping trip; others will throw all the wrong food away. Whatever you choose is entirely up to you, no judgement here.

Now that all of the bad food is gone from the refrigerator. You want to go shopping to stock the 90% good foods.My friend Scott had some great advice. When you shop at a supermarket such as Coles or Woolworths, only shop on the outside of the aisle. Supermarkets place their fresh food on the outside of the aisles. Mostly the aisles are filled with processed foods that you do not want, so stick to the outside wherever possible. Go now and good luck

Be your best Physicailly

Marc Matthews Indovino

Author: Marc Matthews-Indovino

I am an Entrepreneur, Life coach, Business Developer and a Health and Fitness Trainer, specialising in Personal Development. I have extensive knowledge, skills and experience in managing and coaching people, sales and development, leadership, communication, culture change, public speaking, customer service, health and fitness training. Furthermore, I help others to become better versions of themselves through many various factors of their lives. I have extensive training and qualifications in Fitness, Life coaching, Wealth Creation, Presentation skills, Fashion and Writing. I am exceptionally well organised, well groomed and approachable. I have a positive attitude. I am hardworking, friendly, and healthy with impeccable organisation and time management skills. I love working with people to help them achieve greatness and find the best versions of themselves.

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